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             If so, these are the books for you.  Anyone who appreciates fine writing, versus what we see daily on the internet, will appreciate the books being offered by The Golden Ages.  The Golden Ages was formed to share with you little pocket books that were published in the 1920’s, the “Golden Age” of little books.  Reminiscent of an earlier time, when life was much simpler, they present information on a number of subjects which may or may not have been altered by the turbulent passage of time.

            The “GOLDEN AGE SERIES” is from “A High School Education Course”, a subset of LITTLE BLUE BOOKS.  Written for adults, they were designed to be “self-teaching – to make no instructor necessary”, and “to be affordable, accessible, and convenient for all readers”.  The subjects included proper writing, literature, religion, mathematics to American History, economics to commercial law, physical and biological sciences, self-help and fine arts.

            This vast range of subjects deemed it a Liberal Education”, designed to make the reader a well-rounded individual, not only through what can be known by means of study, but as well as what can be known through observation, investigation, reasoning, and experience.

            The original size of these little blue books was 3-1/2 by 5 inches and consisted of 64 pages.  They are very brittle and discolored because of their age.  In an attempt to preserve their content, for this and future generations, they are being re-published with a larger font and size, 5-1/2 by 8-1/2 inches

            They are retaining their original form, a stapled booklet, but the cover is black print on a glossy white background, which would make an attractive library.  They are exactly as originally written (bad spelling, punctuation, and all), with the addition of an Introduction, and updating the page numbers in the Table of Contents and Index where available.

            Most of the books will be offered as both printed books (p-books) and/or e-books (presently in the PDF format only).  In most cases the font in the PDF e-book will be large enough to easily be read on an e-reader.

          The books were approximately five cents each, 90 years ago.  They are now being offered, as the original publishers intended, “to keep them affordable”, for $10.00 each, USD , plus Ohio Sales Tax for residents of Ohio.  There will also be a shipping charge for the printed books.  Please contact me for a special price on bulk orders.

            It is planned to adapt and publish these books as often as possible.  Each book’s page contains a description of  the book, plus a Table of Contents if the book contains one.  You can examine as many as you wish before making a selection.  As they become available, they will be listed on the Buy Now page for purchasing.

            The BUY NOW page will also indicate whether the book is available in the printed and/or the e-book format.  If you wish to order more than one product, just place it in your shopping cart and then keep shopping.  You’ll be able to review/change the items in the cart before completing your purchase.  Selecting PayPal to purchase will allow you to choose a different account if you don’t wish to use PayPal.  If you have any problems with your order, please contact me.

            In the 50 Little Blue Books from “The High School Educational Course”, it will not be hard to find subjects of interest.  These books were described as “self-teaching – to make no instructor necessary”.  The volumes are not textbooks, however, but informational or reference/review manuals.

The following are just a few of the subjects covered in the Golden Age Series:

 ·            Proper Writing:  Punctuation, Spelling, Grammar or Typewriting Self-Taught
·            Communication:  How to Improve your Vocabulary, Communication; or Argue Logically
·            Philosophy:  Liberal Education, How to Study, Evolution Made Plain, Human Behavior
·            Languages:  Latin Self Taught, Dictionary Foreign Words and Phrases (In Frequent Use)
·            History:  History of  Civil War, American Revolution, United States, U.S. Presidents
·            Physical Sciences:  Arithmetic, Plane Geometry; Beginning Astronomy, Woodworking
·            Social Sciences:  Outline of Economics, Commercial Law, Make Money in Wall Street
·            Fine Arts:  History of Music, Sculpture, Architecture, Dictionary Biblical Allusions

            The information in these little volumes is still relevant today.  They make excellent reference and/or review books, and those describing a period of time in history are free of any interpretation which may have been applied to them in the ensuing years.  These books are perfect for parents, students, educators, professionals, writers, office workers, and inquiring minds.  They also make excellent gifts.

            The ability to communicate effectively is necessary to make us understood by others, especially in today’s world of global activities.  Therefore, the first three books adapted are the Self-Taught books of Punctuation, Spelling, and Grammar.  “If you don’t use it, you lose it!“.  These are invaluable as reference/review manuals, to reinforce what has previously been learned, and to refer to when in doubt.

            In accordance with offering a Liberal Education through the aforementioned books, we are offering a free, “Just For You”, page on which we will attempt to give you access to various tidbits of information we have accumulated through various e-mails and websites, etc.  We hope these will help make you a well-rounded individual.  Some of them relate to activities of today, some are reminiscent of days gone past.  You may not be able to view all of them, but those you can see are completely free.

            The Golden Ages is not a blog, per se.  In other words, I will not be writing for the website, other than the books I am adapting to sell, and the FREE items I put on the “Just For You” page. 


            Although The Golden Ages provides access to these sites, it is not responsible for the availability of any such external sites.  It is NOT responsible for the content of external links, and does not endorse any advertising, products or other materials on or available from such web sites or resources.